Saber Tooth Tiger Facts

Still Remember “Diego” in Ice Age? He Did Exist! Here Are Saber Tooth Tiger Facts!

Do you remember Diego, a character in Ice Age movie? Yap, I thought the same thing when I watched it. I was thinking that the ancestor of the tiger was like I saw in the movie. Diego looked macho and rough but had a soft heart. I adore him. Then I tried to search it what kind of tiger it was. Then I found a Saber Tooth Tiger. It takes me to thousand years before centuries, a long time ago wondering the size and the long canines. Now, I want to share what I have found about Saber Tooth Tiger Facts.

What is Saber Tooth Tiger?

This Saber Tooth tiger a.k.a Smilodon is included in Machairodontinae subfamily. There were three types of Smilodon; Smilodon Gracilis which lived around 2,5 million until 500.000 before centuries. It had 55-100 kg of weight, Smilodon Fatalis lived around 1,6 millons-10.000 years ago before centuries, and the last species is Smilodon populator around 1 million-10000 years ago before centuries in the east of America.

Scientist suspected that the saber tooth tiger ate bison, tapirs, deer, horse even mammoth. It also attacked primordial man even though scientists have not found the valid evidence.


This tiger was not expected to have a strong jaw. Their teeth tend to fracture. They used their upper body to catch the prey. Just then, the teeth were used to push them to cut the trachea so it would be easy to die. The long canines might have been used to attract a mate and to show power among the group.

The Information About Saber Tooth Tiger

  • California has official State Fossil which is named Sabertooth cat.
  • The Sabertooth tiger is explained had a short tail and heavy. Their physical body helped them to catch the prey. It is different with the modern tiger now which like to slowly stalk and chase them down.
  • The fossils inventors found some evidence that these carnivores were social. They might have lived in groups.
  • Experts still cannot predict the-the color of cat
  • Saber tooth tiger was a bulky predator which had no fear to grab the prey as they wanted to eat sooner. They could eat somewhere under the tree.
  • According to the invention, this tiger lived as the fossil founded. By this invention, it is concluded that they live in the group which some fossils found indicated in the old age with chronic illness. They must not have been able to hunt alone as their body getting weak.
  • Seeing the structure of the bones, it is concluded the saber-tooth tiger roars as the present tigers do today
  • The saber tooth tiger might have been the most malignant predator.

The Saber Tooth Tiger Extinction

The extinction of saber tooth tiger is concluded by the finding of past research from American lions which was founded broken teeth and a hint found that this tiger tried to devour the carcasses. Suspicion of climate change and competitions made them difficult to find prey.

The saber tooth tiger is suspected extinct around 10,000 B.C in some possible causes like; prehistoric humans who were supposedly responsible for the starvation.